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DIY: Pillow Cases

I haven’t used my sewing machine in ages. Last week, I decided to change that with a quick and easy project. I found a tutorial somewhere online (there are many) on how to make an envelope pillow case, and whipped two up using some coral chevron fabric I bought on Spoonflower. While they’re not perfect, I love them and cannot wait to make more! Perhaps some larger, fall-appropriate ones next? 


Brian and I went down to El Centro this weekend, and we got to meet the newest addition to the family: Nancy! She is such a cute little pug. 

She’s technically my brother’s dog, but I have dreams of puppy-napping her. 

I keep adding to the Tippi collection. 

Like every other blogger out there, I cannot wait for the arrival of fall. I am ready for pumpkin spice lattes (although I already purchased my first one yesterday), wool sweaters, boots, and dark polish. I realize southern California’s version of fall doesn’t look like the east coast’s, but I still love it.

Truth be told, I freeze when it’s under 70 degrees anyway. 

Labor Day Weekend


What a great long, lazy weekend! It included: 

  • Going to the beach with the lovely Tammy.
  • Delicious tacos and a long drive just listening to music and talking. 
  • A day spent in Ocean Beach. (Not necessarily my favorite beach, but with the right people, any place can be fun.)
  • No photo for Monday as it mainly included a trip to the mall and lots of Netflix watching. 
Weekend Links

Hello, lovelies! I am looking forward to this three-day weekend. One of the things I plan on doing is finish up painting my nightstands in that gorgeous paint color you see up there. Although Brian may have to work a bit this weekend, I’m still looking forward to it. It’s the first weekend we have had all to ourselves in a while, and I want to just enjoy it. What are your plans? 

Here’s what I’ve been loving online:

  • This post by Holly about Vera. I didn’t know she did anything besides scarves! Very interesting.
  • Ashley’s organized planner makes me really want to start using washi tape in mine.
  • I am terrible at packing a suitcase, so I loved this post.
  • I may have mentioned it before, but I find myself becoming obsessed with navy blue. I wish this gorgeous bag didn’t cost so much. I love it.
A Perfect Circle Cupcakery

I had a very cupcake-filled weekend, which I cannot complain about! On Friday, I tried Sprinkles cupcakes for the first time ever. They were delicious, but I had a hard time getting through one. Thankfully, my coworker told me about a great place in Orange, CA, which is where I went this weekend to help my sister pick out her wedding dress. It’s called A Perfect Circle Cupcakery, and it is THE cutest shop ever! Plus, I have to say, their cupcakes are indeed better than Sprinkles’ cupcakes. 

Lots of Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspiration - Audrey photos, Tiffany blue walls, and the movie playing in the background.

I was obsessed with their window display, so I had to take a few photos by it. 

If you ever find yourself in Orange County, you should definitely stop by! Besides, Old Town Orange is so cute, full of antique shops. You could make a day of it.

Weekend Links

First, something I’ve been loving offline: meeting our good friends’ little baby boy! He is just the cutest little baby, and I couldn’t be happier for them. So exciting. I hope we can see him one more time before they leave San Diego to go back home. 

You’ll note it’s yet another camera phone photo. My resolution to take my DSLR out more this week just did not happen since my clumsiness has reached a new low: I cracked my neck in my sleep on Sunday morning. It was ridiculously painful, especially at first, when Brian had to help me roll out of bed as I was crying. Since then, I have been to the chiropractor twice (so happy to have found a good one up here!) and am still feeling some soreness. I hope to be feeling better soon since I have some pretty fun plans for the weekend. 

Anyway, here are some things I’ve loved online this week: 

  • Tammy had a great guest post on her blog this week: The oh so lovely Bekuh shared some photo-taking tips. 
  • So excited to hear that Elise Blaha is going to have her own Project Life kit. I will definitely be buying that!
  • If you follow my Pinterest, you’ll see that I’m loving some fall/winter inspiration right now. I cannot wait for sweater weather, and I’m clearly thinking about participating in December Daily this year. 
  • I bought this Kate Spade New York purse this weekend (with help from a coupon and my husband) and am so in love with this pumpkin-y color. Bring on cardigans, boots, and pumpkin spice lattes! 

Whenever I go to antique stores, I love looking at cameos. They are just a piece of jewelry that I have always liked. I don’t have too many, but I love the ones I have. 

Some have been purchased at antique stores, some have been gifts, and the two little earrings in the bottom were actually from Forever 21. I realized too late after taking these that my absolute favorite piece wasn’t in this photo: a gold cameo ring given to me by my grandmother when I was in high school. You can more or less see it in this photo:

I’m constantly looking for ways to display my jewelry. I find if I don’t keep my jewelry in plain sight, I forget to wear it. For now, my cameos are stored in a Pyrex tea cup on the white demilune table in my bedroom. 

How do you store your jewelry? I always love to hear/see how others do it. 

Weekend Links

Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to the weekend as we’ll be having lots of company and celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday. I’ve been having an off couple of weeks. I’ve felt extremely exhausted (unnecessarily so). Yesterday I picked up some multi-vitamins and am hoping that will help. I also realized I haven’t been playing with my camera as much, and I want to change that this weekend. What are your plans? 

Here’s what I’ve been loving online:

  • I’m obsessed with this glamorous house tour.
  • This bag. Too cute. 
  • I really want to see This is 40.
  • A probably not-so-surprising confession: I am horrible with money and very good at shopping. One of my main problems is that I don’t actually give money much thought. If it’s in my bank account, I spend it. Thankfully, Tammy told me about Mint and I think it’s a real game-changer. It helps you set budgets and goals, and it’s already made me think twice about buying Starbucks or random crap. (Another thing is that I can get psychotically competitive, even with myself, and I want to see if I can come in under budget.) Seriously, look into it if you haven’t.